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Glove Donation Count is at ONE!

Chaser Baseball  USA          

“If you’re a player, you gotta getta Chaser!”                   

Evan  and Chase Mendela                                                                         

   Director ‘s                                                                                     


 My name is Evan Mendela and I am 14 years old. Along with my brother Chase, we hope to provide you with the highest quality, handmade baseball glove customized and designed by you! Our gloves are made of the finest Japanese Kip Leather which is a smooth supple leather, lighter weight and a tight grain strength. The best part is, it is designed by you! Chase designed his own glove in about 10 minutes.

So how did we come up with Chaser Baseball USA? Our parents, Chip and Kim, came up with the idea and we thought Chaser Baseball USA was a catchy name. They thought it would be great if Chase and I learned some invaluable life lessons of learning a business, giving back to charities, time management, comminication skills, social media skills, promotion and sales skills. Chase and I will be making most of the decisions together and handling the day to day operation but our parents will be overseeing to ensure you get the highest quality, customized glove that you had ordered. 

The best part of all, for every 3 gloves sold we will donate one Chaser Pro Custom glove to a Little League Baseball or Softball player that otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have a Chaser Baseball glove. If you would like to make a donation toward a glove, that would be awesome. Our goal is to get as many kids as we can using a donated Chaser Pro Custom glove.    

These are proof Photo’s of  Chase’s Glove being hand made at the factory. You will have a chance to approve your glove before it’s finished and shipped from the factory. As you can see, a couple of changes were made to Chase’s glove during this process.



Final Glove Proof waiting for approval before it was shipped.       


How much does a Chaser Pro Custom cost?  Since we are just a couple of kids trying to learn a thing or two, we are going to sell the Chaser Pro Custom Glove just like the model that Chase designed for only $165. This includes your own customization, model, web choice, one script and number. That’s $130 cheaper than the least cheap Japanese Kip Leather glove advertised on the internet!

Chase’s glove is a 12 inch fast back. Conventional gloves are also available. Extra stitching for sayings and flags are not included but are an extra $10 per script. The best part is we can get any model that you design, hand made for you! 

Keep in mind model prices might vary slightly. It will take 6-8 weeks to get the glove hand made and shipped once a bulk order of 10 gloves has been paid for to our manufacturer. If your order is not local, shipping to you will be an extra charge.

Chase’s glove will be the sample glove we will provide you to check out and determine if this is a glove that you would like to own. 

For further information about ordering a Chaser Pro Custom Glove, please contact me at I will provide you with design, customization and ordering information and answer any questions which you might have. We thank you for considering a Chaser Pro Custom Glove!

And just remember… 

”If you’re a player, you gotta getta Chaser!” 


Evan and Chase Mendela

Chaser Baseball USA


Finding the Formula For Success….

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Finding the formula for success..Everyone is different..Every golf swing is different..Every personality is different..

Throughout the last 11 years, I’ve been searching for that formula. I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit…and talked with Sports Psychologist Dr. Greg Cartin quite extensively about it. And the one thing we came up with is that Everybody has a different approach to achieving success.

I’ve had “flashes in the pan” quite, successful moments. And I’ve had nuclear disaster moments. I’ve tried to figure out why.  Why go from one extreme to another? It all came down to one thing. Playing within my personality!

I’ve had nuclear disasters when I took the game too seriously and WANTED the win. I’ve won when I’ve played within my personality and had fun with the game. This has happened my entire golf career!

I remember one golf tournament, where I was joking around the whole day. I didn’t touch a golf club for three weeks prior. I actually forgot I had to play in the tournament until the night before.  I had to play 36 holes in one day. It was hotter than hell and quite miserable out there but I was just having fun being on the golf course.  I had no expectations! I ended up shooting 5 under par and beat the field by 10 shots! I played within my personality!

So for the past 11 years that I’ve been searching,  I think I’ve finally found my recipe for success which I will bring in to play in 2015.

Keep It Recreational…charging hard at the game is not my personality..I’m still going to work at the Torrington Country Club..I love to teach some of my experiences of playing good golf to the members and I have a great time every day joking and having fun with the members of  TCC! As golfers, I would hope they would love to see me chase this crazy idea..Practicing with a goal while having fun with it and quietly building confidence is something I’ve been and will be working on.

No Expectations…I play my best when I keep it as a hobby..If the golf game starts to become a job than I know I am playing too much golf and creating expectations.. Practicing the short game and hitting different shots on the golf course is how I like to practice. I think the practice range creates expectations and I tend to stay away from it especially before a round of golf..keep a light tournament schedule leading up to Q School..I not only practice on the course but I mentally practice might sound nuts but I do some of my best practicing in my head thinking about how much  control I have of my golf game…NO Changes!..I’ve played a lot of golf with ex Tour Players and one of the biggest mistakes they’ve all said was that making changes to try to produce expectations doesn’t golf game is right where I want it to be..IN CONTROL!

This is a Family Venture..I hope to have my kids and possibly my wife on my bag to caddy..Their interest in my golf  sparks me..The Road to Q School has to be a Family Venture..Their support is vital and I can’t have the feeling that I left them hanging at any point especially when I am on the golf course..All of my bases need to be covered at home and at this point they pretty much are but there are some small issues that I will need to cover.  One of the best words of encouragement was my wife,  Kim,  looking me right in the eye and saying “Go For It!” when I told her my plan for 2015.

So this is MY formula for success! If everything falls into place and the puzzle is put together, 2015 will be a year to remember!



Taking Another Shot!!!!

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Since 2002, I’ve been Chasing The Dream of playing on a major tour after having a 2nd chance after having heart surgery. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs and bumps and bruises, but all have been good. Through it all, I’ve learned what it takes to play on a major tour.

So here it is 2014. A couple of people expressed an interest in watching me play in 2015, as I’ll be turning 50. They wanted to see me take a shot at qualifying for the Champions Tour.

  I explained that funding was the issue and I needed a chunk of cash to prep me for Q School.

This one particular guy that I’ve known for a long time now, quite sternly, offered his opinion and said, ” You put together a plan at age 42 to get you to age 50 and take a shot at Q School. You followed the plan and your at the point to become successful. After all you’ve been through, all you’ve practiced, all of your experience leading up to age 50, the mental training and the swing work to develop a golf swing to keep it in play, the last thing you should be worried about is funding it.  You will find the support you need if you put it out there.”

So, here I am! I’m putting it out there.

So to make this endeavor work, I’d like to raise  about $25,000 or more to cover expenses to play in events to prepare for 2015 Champions Tour Qualifying School in November 2015. To help this out, I created a fund at  The link is at the top of the page.

I’ve done a lot with my golf career so far. I’ve had a lot of fun along the way. At the age of 36, I had a crazy plan and to this day, I’m still living it. You only live once! Never look back and say “What If?” If you want to be part of The Chase…click the GoFundMe

link at the top of the page..Many Thanks!!!!




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