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Hi All-

I’m coming to the end of the physical therapy and my hip feels strong! I’ve gotten the OK from the physical therapist, Amber, to try to hit a few balls and see how the hip feels. Rotational exercises that Amber has got me doing hasn’t irritated the joint and I feel as though I can start playing soon.  I’ve been hitting the gym and the weights hard and also walking 4-5 miles a day… all pain free! My plan is to slowly get into a practice schedule as I don’t want the hip joint to flare up and get me back to square one for 3 months.

I’ve been putting a plan together for 2014 with the schedule, financing, sponsors, Connecticut Children’s Charity and caddy, my 13 year old son Evan. If you would like to get involved in my Chase please let me know. Just remember one thing: Chase your dream as life is too short!



Hip Labral Tear Ends My Year

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Golf Balls and Tees

Birdies for CCMC Golf Bag

Birdies for CCMC Golf Bag

“Birdies for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center”

To Make a Donation Click the Link

So much for a big year in 2013.. I’ve been suffering with left hip pain since mid-May and it has progressively gotten worse. A recent MRI revealed a labral tear in my left hip. I’ve been treating it with meds and lots of rest but unfortunately I am on my feet most of the day and by the end of the work week it just plain hurts. Add to that, in mid-July, I fell in a hotel room bathroom on the slippery marble tile and aggravated it even more. This fall has set me back 4-5 more weeks. Thus, it’s taking longer to heal than expected and I simply just can’t get back on the links to practice and play like I need to. My plan was to play more events at the end of the year but I don’t think that is going to happen. I haven’t hit a tournament golf ball since May 30th when I was at the Cape Cod Open and had to withdraw because of the hip injury. I took a chance in playing the tournament and it just didn’t work. It was a nice $700 lesson in listening to my body!! hahaha

My plan is to rest it for three to four more weeks then start physical therapy to gain greater range of motion. I hit a couple of balls yesterday (7-21-2013) and my golf swing is totally different than the beginning of the year. Protecting the hip with an “over the top” motion has taken over and that’s something I’m not going to groove. 2014 will be better!!

So I’ll start all over for 2014. Back to the gym by September and getting in top shape will be my priority. Birdies for Connecticut Children’s will again be our charity for 2014 with the goal of hitting $15,000 for the kids. This year our goal is to raise $3000 through straight donations and grow the awareness of the charity even larger through networking and finding a presenting sponsor.

Send me a video of your golf swing. I will give an analysis and recommendations to get your golf game better and lower your scores. Send it to and I’ll get back to you ASAP!





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What’s Better Than This?

Birdies for Connecticut Children’s…Welcome to the Family

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“Birdies for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center”…Welcome to the Family!


“Birdies for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center”

We Welcome these Donors and Pledgers to the Birdies Family! 

Currently at $140 per birdie!!

Evan and Chase Mendela

JR Suisman

Dr. Greg Cartin 

Jonathan Lutz

Dr. John Kerwin

Jay Kolakoski

Howie Friday, Head PGA Pro, Tumble Brook CC 

Mark and Luanne Paley

Elizabeth Hartwig 

Rob Josephson

Drew and Liz Symes 

Rich and Joy Varrato, PGA

PMA Group, Dom Perno, Sr. Vice President

Fradette Carlson Agency

Mark and Carrie Tonon

Bryce Chamberlain

Tee It Up Indoor Golf, Kyle Fuller

Bob Lincoln

Dr. Chris Boscarino, Dental Health Associates

Dr. Marty Goldstein, Dental Health Associates

Frank Luke, President, Stanley Access Technologies

Lee Pollock

Todd Liebman

Stephen Schwartz

Linda Weintraub

Stu Ganslaw

Doug Brisco

Fred Krieble

Dr. Larry Wile



Thank you for becoming part of the ”Birdies for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center” Family!


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